International Symposium on Engineering Technology and Application

May 25-28, 2017

Montreal, Canada


Call for Paper

Paper Submission 

 Main topics

    Authors are invited to submit original unpublished manuscripts that demonstrate recent advances in the following areas of interest, but are not limited to:

Civil and Environmental Engineering

 Architectural Design and Planning

 Environmental Engineering Science

 Civil and Architectural Engineering

 Environmental Impact Assessment

 Urban Systems Engineering

 Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal

 Civil Engineering Machinery and Equipment

 Environmental Planning and Management

 Municipal Engineering

 Municipal Engineering

 Building Materials

 Environmental Ecology

 Engineering Structure

 Water Pollution Control

 Architectural Economics

 Air Pollution Control

 Rock Mechanics, Mining Engineering, Risk and Occupational Health and Management

 Mining Engineering                  

 Mining Equipment and Technology

 Mining Technology and Application

 Coal Mine Safety Prevention Technology

 Geotechnical Engineering

 Mine Safety Engineering

 Coal and Gas Outburst prevention

 Rock Mechanics

 Safety and Disaster

 Occupational Health

 Mining Management

 Safety management

 Geotechnical Disaster

 Green Mining Technology

Mechanical Engineering

 Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Automation

 Theory and Application of Mechanism

 Mechatronic Engineering

 Concurrent Integrated Manufacturing System

 Industrial Design

 Mechanical and Electrical System and Automation

 Vehicle Engineering

 Mechanical Design

 Mechanical Manufacturing Technology

 Engineering Testing Technique

 Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology 

 Material Shaping and Control Engineering

 Computer Numerical Control Technology

 Mechanical Drawing & Computer Graphics

 Intelligent control

 Engineering Equipment

Electrical and Computer Engineering

 Electronics Science and Technology                    

 Software Engineering

 Electronic Information Engineering

 Software Technology & Tool Development

 Electrical and Intelligent Engineering

 Software Development

 Digital Electronic Technology

 Information and Communication Engineering

 Information Science Technology

 Network Engineering

 Microcomputer Control Technology

 Computer Science and Technology

 Signals and Systems

 Intelligence Science and Technology

 Electronic Engineering and Management

 Computer Software

Water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering

Organized by STT, IJSS and DMCKDOL 8151